Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sign Language

So, this semester I am taking a beginning ASL class. I know a little from when I was younger because my elementary school had a girl that was deaf. Her translator would go around a teach every class a little so we could at least say hi to her. After that I always wanted to learn ASL.

Anyway, I was showing my mom a few things I had learned. Its just a beginning class but I never learned to sign the colors or anything. We started talking about the different signs and how to use them. Suddenly she pauses and asks about people with more then one disability. Like both deaf and blind. I explain that blind/deaf has their own alphabet.

After another short pause she asks, "What if you are deaf but only have one hand!?!? You wouldn't able to sign! Thats like only having one lip!"

I have to wonder how her brain comes up with these kinds of thoughts.

And so that is my Quote of the Day

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