Thursday, September 2, 2010

Old people

The worst part of driving is the stupid people on the road, and Utah has horrible drivers. For the past three days there has been an accident in the same exact spot in the freeway involving drivers following too close.  Its understandable why we get so annoyed with these people and every once in a while we let the colorful language fly. Which usually ends up sounding funnier then we mean it too.

Just the other day mom and I were in the parking lot at the mall and this lady in a large SUV pulls out in front of us without bothering to check the lanes first. Mom quickly stops the car and goes to yell at the driver but pauses. The driver of the other car see's us, waves and we can tell she is saying sorry.

Despite a driver saying sorry both mom and I are still annoyed. So when mom didn't yell a cuss at this driver which I could see forming on her lips I asked her why. As we pull forward again mom explains that there is had been an elderly lady in the passenger seat. "I hesitate to say "@#%& you" at a driver when there is an old person in the vehicle."

So that is my Quote of the Day

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