Saturday, August 28, 2010


Before my mom goes anywhere she usually has to ask at least one of her daughters if she looks alright. To make sure the shirt looks good with the pants, that the shoes match and that she is wearing the same colored earrings...she did that once. Wore two different colored earring during a meeting at work. She didn't notice until she got home and I've never heard a scream of horror like that.

But anyway, mom, not sure if she was looking the way she wanted, turned to my youngest sister (who I shall call Paiz) and asked, "Do I look my age?"

Paiz, looked her up and down and told her proudly that she did not. And in fact looked several years younger then she really was.

Hugging Paiz my mom responded happily, "You have now sufficient stroked and appeased my ego. Thank you!" And went on with whatever she was doing.

And so that is my Quote of the Day.

Maroon 5

I guess this first post should actually be labeled "Things My Mother Does". I was not actually there for this event but my sister was and this happens often so its easy enough to picture. My mom and my younger sister who I say call K, where heading back from work/school. They stopped at the gas station on the way and just as they pulled up to the pump Maroon 5's song Misery came on the radio. Every window in the car was rolled down.

Now, at this point in the story my mom looks at me and says, "You know how I don't realize how loud I'm being sometimes."

As she dug around in the car for her purse, she proudly began to sing to Maroon 5...loudly. When she looked up again K was giggling. The car about two pumps away had four college guys in it. They weren't laughing or anything, they were just staring.

She stopped singing, and they quickly drove away.