Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Math Jokes

Alright, anyone who knows me at all knows that I am terrible at math! The kind of terrible where I will use a calculator for the simplest of problems because I know I will get it wrong if I try otherwise. The kind of terrible where the only reason I passed college Algebra was because I told my professor I was going into English and he said, "You won't ever use what I'm teaching. Just come to class every day and try and I'll pass you." Yes, I am that bad. So its rare when I understand anything remotely related to math. But when I saw this:

  I stated laughing insanely hard. I thought it was hilarious. I wanted to share it with mom, because I knew she would like it. Walking downstairs to tell her about it I started off my story with, "So I saw this math joke online-"
Mom's answer was to look at me and ask me, "...did you get it?"
And then we laughed because the next thing I was going to say was, "And I got it!" It might be just a little bit sad that this was the biggest achievement of my day but whatever, I'll take it.
And so that is my Quote of the Day. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Alright, so I realize it's been well over a year since I lasted updated but life got in the way. However, after a few people asked about updating and constant pestering from mom I'm hoping to get this back up and running. The constant pestering brings us our first quote:

This one doesn't really have much of a story to it besides mom wanted the blog back up. Finally, after a few days of this she said, "Update the blog! People want to hear my sh*t!" Apparently this is true, at least for some of us. ;) But hey, I found it funny. So hopefully I'll be posting more regularly.