Sunday, April 10, 2011


Taken very early in the morning after a small storm
So this is going to combine two Quotes of the Day into one because they are so similar though, they were said on different days. Its finally beginning to warm up here (Warming up meaning 50 degrees) but back in January we had a day when we were warned not to stay out very long because it was so cold that frost bite was a very big possibility. Even running from the house to the car was just awful! After one such quick run mom came in and exclaimed, "You know its cold when snot freezes!"

A day or two later, the winter warnings were off but it was still very cold outside. Mom got home from work and taking off her coat sighed. "It's so cold outside I thought I'd frozen my ass off," She said, "But then I get home and I realized it was all still there."

Unfortunately for us, when its that cold, our bodies are trying to get as much fat stored up as it can. Something that greatly annoys us all. And so that is my Quote of the Day.

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