Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Weight Gain

Other women hate my mom because no matter how much junk food she eats she never seems to gain any weight. After getting a HUGE order of chili cheese fries at Tommy Burger, she passed a few guys waiting in line. One turned to the other and said, "I wish my wife could eat like that and look like her." The whole weight gain thing has become a big joke in the family.

Mom, dad and I went out to get donuts. (Odd how my last few stories about been about going to a donut shop) After getting a dozen donuts to share between the three of us mom made sure that she claimed all of the cream filled ones. I made a little side comment about how I couldn't believe that either of us wasn't 500 pounds because of all the junk we eat. Looking back at me, donut in hand she said, "What?? I haven't gained a single pound this holiday season! I have to catch up with the rest of America."

And so that is my Quote of the Day

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  1. Now its become a big joke of Following other people on how to be like them...hah ha ha...

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